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AchileionAbout Us

‘Achilleion’ by Blue Mountain Apartments is Sri Lanka’s first seven-star luxury residential development project, which is located in the heart of Colombo 4. The project features two majestic towers that rise to a height of 170 metres, along with an exclusive sky bar, restaurant, 24/7 medical centre and helipad. Each room offers panoramic views of the surrounding Indian Ocean and city skyline. The 28th level of the property features a unique sky bridge, which seamlessly connects the two iconic towers. This exclusive architectural design element is one of the key features of the project’s design and is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Constructed in partnership with globally renowned real estate titan Palmer & Turner (P&T) and interior design experts Index Singapore, ‘Achilleion’ offers world-class standards of luxury, opulence, durability and elegance. Over the years, Blue Mountain has won both local and global accolades for its real estate projects and is renowned for its efforts to redefine Sri Lanka’s skyline. ‘Achilleion’ is one of the most ground-breaking developments in the company’s portfolio and is set to serve as the benchmark for luxury living in the city of Colombo.

A home for those who appreciate the finer things in life, ‘Achilleion’ offers residents a complete luxury lifestyle experience. Residents will have access to chic apartments, that have been fitted with lush interiors and smart technology and they will also be able to use a fleet of limousines and a helicopter, which will be at their full disposal. A private 3D cinema, gymnasiums, spa and library will also be available for residents to use at leisure.

Chairman’s MessageDr. Hiran Hettiarachchi

We believe we will be able to do better this year as we have tangible evidence to show in terms of design and marketing Our aim is to transform Sri Lanka into a rich, developed and happy country. To do this, we first need to change the mindsets of people. So we want to be the example by taking the leadership to show that Sri Lanka is capable of doing such a big project and achieving success.